Garbage Collection & Recycling Information


Note: To all residents, per Chapter 63 of the Village Code, garbage cans are to be moved to the rear of the residence within 24 hours of garbage pickup.

> Leaves and grass clippings are to be put in biodegradable brown paper bags.

> If you have bulk items that need to be picked up you must call the garbage company at 866-342-5497 and arrange to have them picked up. They will give you a pickup date. It would be helpful if you also notify the Building Department when you do this to avoid unnecessary violations. Do NOT put these items out until the scheduled pickup date.

> TVs, computers, and other electronic waste items are NOT picked up by the Village or the garbage contractor. Please look for specific dates and times from community organizations about recycling these items. Thank you.

If you have any questions please call the Village Hall at 845-477-9215.

Garbage Collection Schedule

Wednesdays: Entire Village.

Recycling CollectionRecycling is the law! All residents MUST Recycle: If recycling is mixed with your regular trash, we will not be able to take your garbage until you separate it. Single stream garbage collection, every Friday:

SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING One Container . . . No Sorting

The easiest way to recycle is here in the Village of Greenwood Lake!

Place all your recycleable materials on one container with no separating or sorting needed. Interstate Waste will do it for you weekly!

• Place all your recycleable material in your recycle container(s).

• Please assure the weight of one container doesn’t exceed 50 pounds.

• All cardboard must be broken down flat and shall be no more than 3 feet in length or width.

You can recycle all of these items:

• Glass bottles and jars

• Metal beverage and food cans

• Rinsed plastic containers (types 1-7)

• Paper from news, magazines, junk mail, dry non-coated food paper

• Boxboard, small flat pieces of corrugated cardboard box material

Note: All cardboard must be broken down so that it is flat and no more than 3 feet in length or width.

White goods, metal products, washers and dryers, etc. by appointment only. Call 866-342-5497. Please note that 24 hours notice must be provided to contractor.

Bulk Pick-UpBulk pick up limitations: two items 2x a month by appointment please: 1-866-342-5497.

Yard WasteMondays: Windermere side of the Village.

Thursdays: For all other sections of the Village.

Maximum weight of yard waste bags picked up will be 65 lbs. in biodegradable bags only.
If your bags are left it is due to the following reasons: exceeded 65 lbs., mixed with recyclable items, mixed with construction debris.
Please call 866-342-5497.