Download Registration:
When: Saturday September 26, 2015 12noon start
Where: Through the Village on Windermere Avenue, Greenwood Lake.

How Can I Enter?
Go to http://gwlchamberofcommerce.com/ or
E-Mail Name and Contact Information to TeresaT@pedalpowerinc.com.

Who Can Enter?
Rules: Gotta Have Em!
1) The Bed must have at least three wheels in use at all times.
2) All team members MUST maintain contact with the bed during the race.
3) No motors or other forms of propulsion. HUMAN POWER ONLY!
5) All Beds must be minimum 3 feet wide and minimum 6 feet long
6) All team members must wear shoes or sneakers, no sandals, flip flops or bare feet
7) The “Bed Rider” must wear a protective helmet during the race.
8) All team members must sign a waiver prior to participating in the Bed Race.
9) The judge’s decision is final.
10)participants are STRONGLY encouraged to decorate their beds and participate in the
REMEMBER: One of the most fun parts of a Bed Race is building your own bed
and putting it to use. Good Luck, and Let’s Have Fun!

What Do I Do Next?
Please fill out the attached form and send it in today.
Most Original Bed
Bed Race:
1 st Place
2 nd Place
3 rd Place
Last Place in Race: Should Have Stayed In Bed

View last year’s photos: 2014 Courtesy of Times Herald-Record

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